My Story - the long and the short of it!

Life throws so many curve balls. Things that were once important, may not be a priority anymore. Something that was once a hobby, may now be a successful venture. Life comes with many ups and downs, but it is the journey that makes it all worth it. Precious moments and decisions that have made me and my family uproot our lives for the better.

Things are still moving and changing, and I am so excited for where we are headed. Right in the middle of a global pandemic, I managed to turn a hobby into a business I am proud to call my own.

So, what is Vesi Olo? It is my latest and greatest venture.

A little about me

I met my Finnish husband in 2004 in a famous Brisbane pub and we were smitten!

In 2005 I made the decision to move permanently to Finland.  It was an exciting adventure and a time for me to learn and grow.  In 2007 my love and I decided to tie the knot. We loved our new time together, we travelled all around the world and finally settled down to have our first child. This is when I started my first business creating cakes and desserts for local cafes.  The business grew and I found myself making 20 plus cakes a week!  An to top that off our daughter Poppy was born in 2012.

In 2013 we decided to make the move back to Australia.  Those Finnish winters were brutal!

I rolled my business over once we were settled and soon found myself catering for large events and festivals in the Central West district of NSW, where we settled.

In 2017 we missed the coast too much and made the move to The Sunshine Coast , QLD.  There is nothing like being by the ocean!

I soon gained employment as Head Chef for a Health Retreat as well as purchased a food truck.  I know right, who needs spare time!!

Anyone with kids will know that working, looking after a home and caring for children is an exhausting task. It is like you are on auto pilot ALL the time. My husband realised that it was getting too much for me and we made the decision for me to step away from the food industry. It was a time of reflection and refocus.

Because of my nature of wanting to create and be doing things, I started looking for my next adventure. I looked at things I was already doing and wanted to see if I could create something out of that. I had been making and using natural beauty products for years. I had a lightbulb moment and thought ‘why not make it into a business?” That is where Vesi Olo was born.

What does Vesi Olo mean?

Translated from Finnish it means: Water Feeling.

It did not take me long to come up with a name for the business. I wanted something that had significance to me and what I was doing. I looked at my history, my experiences, and my family. I wanted to create a name that showed both the Australian and Finnish ways.  One thing I thought about what the love that the people of Finland have for the water, just like Australians do.

They play in it & on it, get nourishment & sustenance from it and just love being around it.

I wanted to tie these together.

And so, Vesi Olo was born.

You know that feeling when you dive under that first wave and come up for that first breath?

That feeling is Vesi Olo.

You stand there and breathe, look around and you are in that moment, right there.

You Just Be.

That is Vesi Olo. 

What does Vesi Olo do?

I wanted to be able to create a range of products that people can use at home, without worry that it is going to damage their skin or cause an impact on the environment. I wanted to create a safe yet exciting product that people will be happy to use.

I now create a range of products for the face, body, and home. These products are all made in small batches, not mass produced and are quality checked to ensure they are the highest quality.

Each product is made knowing it is cruelty free, toxin free and plant based. Making them perfect for your skin and the environment.

I wanted to ensure that the environment is included in my thoughts. So, all packaging is reusable, recyclable, and compostable.

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body. And I created Vesi Olo to help you give it the safest and highest quality care that it can receive.

I am excited to share this adventure with you.

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