Green Elixir Face Mask

Green Elixir Face Mask

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Our Green Elixir Face Mask is the perfect way to soothe & replenish your face.  Take some time out and enjoy this mask one to two times a week.

It comes in powder form, so all you need to do is add a little water, mix and you are ready to go. Pair with our Brush & Bowl set for easy mixing & application. 

Suitable for: combination, oily, acne-prone & mature skin.

Check out the magical ingredients it contains:

Green French Clay: Green French Clay is rich in minerals and has revitalizing and regenerating properties. It helps soothe sunburn, irritated & acne-prone skin.

Kaolin Clay: used for centuries to absorb excess oil, preventing breakouts it is also perfect to help restore skin.  It's also been found that regular use helps to balance the skin's oil production, hence reducing oily skin symptoms. 

Rosehip Powder: has high levels of vitamin C (60% more than an orange!) as well as high levels of vitamin E, A & D, helps with collagen production, soothes redness, treats inflammation, brightens & heals skin.

Aloe Vera Leaf Powder: Long known as the natural soother of sunburn & UV damage, helps it also reduces acne & infection, & moisturizes the skin.

Note: All of our products are handmade and poured. Batches may differ slightly from batch to batch. Keep out of direct sunlight. Always test a small area of your skin in case of sensitivity. External Use only.  120g
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